ULGP & PBMOA as Dinner Guest Chefs Serve Valentine’s Day Meals at Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

PHILADELPHIA, PA – FEBRUARY 14, 2019 – On Wednesday evening, February 13, 2019, the Urban League Guild of Philadelphia (ULGP) and the Philadelphia Black McDonald’s Owner/Operator Association (PBMOA) partnered to serve a Pre-Valentine’s Day Dinner to show love and support at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House (Front & Erie Location), by serving meals to families and children staying there. The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House (PRMH) supports families of seriously ill children being treated at nearby hospitals by creating a community of comfort and hope.

This opportunity to giveback is the first time that this collaborative partnership between ULGP and PBMOA has occurred. Consequently, because of the synergy and goodwill among the two organizations, Janice Sykes-Ross, ULGP President, expressed a strong interest in repeating this community service activity again next year. Moreover, Kenneth Youngblood, who was instrumental in securing this momentous date was in attendance. Since 2010, Ken has served on the Board of Ronald McDonald House Charities and as president of the PBMOA. He along with fellow PBMOA members, Tanya and Wayne Holliday displayed their exceptional hospitality skills. In addition to the serving of meals, the organizational structure of the evening was well-planned, with volunteers designated for setup/prep, volunteers for the food preparation and serving the families, and the “3rd shift” - volunteers who helped with breakdown and cleanup.

The PRMH Front & Erie location staff was courteous, accommodating and appreciative of our efforts to not only make the food scrumptious, but also make the Valentine’s Day theme ambience as festive as possible. There was featured a Valentine’s Day Candy Station assembled for the families and children for an after-meal snack. As we interacted with the families and kept the mood light and encouraging, they shared their stories. Amazingly, we found out that there were some parents who were visiting from Connecticut and as far as Florida. “It feels good when you see that the families are appreciative of the goodwill and support that we are providing. Those families are experiencing so much adversity in their lives and the thought that they took time to express gratitude for the meal is laudable,” stated dinner guest chef volunteer, Angela R. Simmons-Smith, Eastern Regional Director, National Council of Urban League Guilds.